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  • Online classes have begun at Brown Academy of Music!  The same high-quality level of music education is available, now from the comfort and safety of your home.  Due to quarantine age restrictions, a majority of our students are not allowed to come to the studio in Banilad so we have developed online lessons so that students can still enjoy their classes.  The online classes are taught in real time through Google Meet.  Class materials and communication with the teacher are done through Google Classroom.  Both Google Meet and Google Classroom are free for the students and parents to use.

    Students must contact BAM to set up a lesson time.  Those students who were enrolled from January to April in our Banilad studio can resume their lessons and continue to use the lessons that were previously paid in their lesson packages.  However, due to the availability of the faculty members, all students would need to select a new lesson time slot.

    We are also accepted new enrollment.  Online learning has made it possible so now students don’t have to live near Cebu to take lessons.  In our first week, we now have students from the Philippines, Unites States, Canada, and Australia.  For those students out of the country, we just pick a lesson time that fits for both time zones.

    Since the student will take lessons from their own home, some basic equipment is needed.  Students will need internet access as well as a device to connect.  Both Google Meet and Google Classroom can be used with a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.  Instrument students will also need some sort of instrument in their home.  For guitar, the student can use either an acoustic, electric, classical, or acoustic electric guitar.  For keyboard, the student can use an electronic keyboard or piano.  For drums, the student can have either a drum set, electronic drum set, or even just a practice pad and drumsticks.

    To enrollment, or to continue lessons, please either message the BAM Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bamcebu , email adam@bamcebu.com , or call (0925)567-6565.


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