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    • Q: How long does my child have to cancel a lesson?

      A: While we do understand the need to cancel a lesson does arise on occasion, we require at least 24 hours notice, unless due to sudden illness and then a doctor’s note is required.  If notice is given at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson or class, the student will not be charged for the missed lesson.  However, if 24 hours notice is not given, the student will be charged at the full rate.  If a student arrives late to their lesson, that lesson may continue, but will end at the previously scheduled time. 

    • Q: How long is each session?

      A: It depends on which area the students is enrolled.  Our Baby Aria Music (ages 6 months to 2 years old) sessions are 30 minutes in length, due to the limited attention span of the age range. Our Aria Music classes (ages 3-5 years) are 45 minutes per session.  All of our instrument lessons (guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, violin) are 45 minutes per session and 1-on-1 with the teacher.  The length of each voice lessons depends on whether the session is in small group or 1-on-1.  If 1-on-1 each session is 45 minutes and our small group lessons are 1 hour in length.  Our dance classes are 90 minutes per session.

    • Q: Can I request a 1-on-1 voice class?

      A: It depends upon your availability, the teacher's availability, and the lesson schedule of the school.  We understand that parents often wish for 1-on-1 attention for their child, but we actually have seen better results with the small group format.  The small group format is limited to a maximum of only 4 students and are grouped together according to gender, age, and experience.  In the small group the teacher is more easily able to cover topics such a blending/harmony and working together as a group.  As the students perform together for the culminating shows, it is good experience to learn to work with other singers.  Our teachers also note that the students often strive to do their best when in a group class and all students can learn while listening to the others in the class.  All of that being said, sometimes when a voice lesson is scheduled during off-peak times, it will work out as a 1-on-1 lesson but this is not something that is accommodated by request.

    • Q: Can you accommodate our busy schedule when picking lesson times?

      A: When submitting a request for a particular day and time for a lesson slot, please be aware that we will do our best to accommodate all requests, but it may not be possible to give the exact day and time requested.  If a student an unexcused absence 2 sessions in a row without communicating, their scheduled lesson time may be given to another student.

    • Q: Must tuition be paid in full before my child attends their first lesson?

      A: We are very pleased to offer payment plans for all lessons and classes at no additional charge to our students and parents.  However, we require that students must be up-to-date on their payments in order to receive a lesson.  If the student has not fulfilled the payment plan, their lesson may be denied until being caught up on the payment schedule.  During the time of enrollment, the student must make a down payment of at least P1,500 (this is used as the final payment towards the overall tuition fee).  The minimum payment due is P750 per lesson taken until final payment is reached.  At the minimum payments, the payment plan allows the student to spread out the cost of the tuition fee over approximately 9 sessions.  Note: the minimum payment due per lesson on Aria Music classes is P500.

    • Q: May my child have a trial lesson? Can it be applied to a twelve or four week session?

      A: Students must pay P750 for a trial lesson. When purchasing a single lesson, the student can upgrade to either a 4-session or 12-session package and their P750 payment can be applied to the overall package (i.e. if the student pays P750 for their single lesson and decides to upgrade to a 12-session package, they can elect to pay P7,250 for the remaining 11 lessons).  But this offer is only valid on the day of the first lesson.  When purchasing a 4-session package, on the day of the first lesson, a student may elect to upgrade to the 12-session package in the same manner.  After the day of the first lesson, the upgrade option is no longer valid.  Due to scheduling during summer months, we are only able to offer the 12-sesison package option.

    • Q: My child is only available for the 4-week session, may he/she still perform and the end of session gig?

      A: Students must be enrolled in a 12-session package in order to guarantee their eligibility to participate in the culminating performance, or gig.  If a student is enrolled in anything less than 12 sessions, they will not have time to adequately prepare and rehearse for the performance.

    • Q: How much time outside of lessons will my child need to dedicate to BAM?

      A: As with traditional school, teachers will instruct their students to complete homework and practice on a daily basis. It is important to note it is inside the lessons that the teachers will introduce new concepts in learning, but it is then up to the student to practice in between the sessions.  Much of learning an instrument or singing is related to muscle memory and training the body, meaning that it takes repetition to master.  The progress of the student will be extremely limited if they d not put forth effort during the time outside of the lessons room.

      As we near the culminating performance, or “gig,” it will be necessary to find another time slot to hold a rehearsal with all the members of your child’s ensemble.  We will do our best to coordinate all times but it will take cooperation from everyone involved.  A dress rehearsal will also be held prior to the gig and students must be present at the dress rehearsal in order to participate in the gig.

    • Q: Will there be any additional costs?

      A: Teachers may require additional equipment to aid in the student’s learning, such as a drumsticks, tuner, capo, notebook, etc. There will also be a gig fee which is explained below. 

      Gig fee: Brown Academy of Music takes pride in offering exciting performance opportunities for our students.  As we build a professional performance experience for our students, there are significant costs associated with providing that experience.  There will be a separate performance fee for each participating student that will be communicated in advance.  This gig fee will cover things such as venue rental, equipment rental of professional lights and sound, official gig t-shirt, food for the performance day, professional photographers, professional video, and more.

    • Q: How can I become a member of the Elite BAMStars?

      The Elite BAMStars are a by-audition group that is personally directed and produced by owner, Anna Fegi-Brown.  The group performs throughout the city representing the school for different events.  They have been featured on television such as ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka, as featured performers at shows such as the Cebu Cancer Fair, Cebu Business Month, and Cebu Pasundayag, as well as opening for shows with Bailey May, Maja Salvador, KZ Tandingan, Erik Santos, Jaya, Kyla, Angeline Quinto, Gerald Anderson, Bea Alonzo, Donna Cruz, Matteo Guidicelli, Paolo Ballesteros, Marissa Sanchez, Anna Fegi-Brown, and international artist David Pomeranz.

      The group holds annual auditions in June once the school year begins.  Throughout the year, additional auditions may take place depending on the needs of the group.  Students are required to be enrolled in voice lessons at Brown Academy of Music in order to be eligible to be a member of the Elite BAMStars.  If a student does not continue to enroll in voice lessons, they will lose their membership to the vocal group.