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  • Happy New Year!  Our first batch of classes for 2020 will run from this Saturday, January 4 until the culminating show on Saturday, April 4 at Ayala Center Cebu.  Lesson slots are going quickly so it is best to come soon to schedule the lesson time that you need.  BAM has voice and instrument lessons for students age 6 and up.  Dance classes are available for age 5 and up.  For 6 months to 2 years old there is Baby Aria Music, which includes the child and one adult guardian.  The class focuses on family bonding through music and the very earliest stages of music exploration.  Aria Music classes are available for ages 3-5 years.  This is a music exploration style class that teaches the basics of music through fun activities.  It is designed specifically for ages 3-5 years and is faster paced than voice or instrument lessons due to the shorter attention span of the child.  The basis of the class will give students a head start for when they are old enough to start voice or instrument lessons.  We often get asked if students under the age of 6 can enroll for voice or an instrument.  We discourage it due to the shorter attention span as well as many of the physical and developmental limitations that the younger ages bring.  We don’t want for a student to enroll too early and then get frustrated, lose interest, and quit when they might have had more success if they waited until they were truly ready.  Music lessons go into deeper study on the technical side and sometimes it can take weeks to master a basic skill, which is far longer than the attention span and interest of the youngest students.

    BAM has lessons available for adult students.  We are celebrating our fourth anniversary this January 8 and in every one of our 16 batches of students so far, we have had adult students enrolled.  Our oldest student so far was 70 years old, so nobody is too old to start or get back into music lessons.

    For those interested in enrolling, you may visit the school on the 2nd floor of the Northgate Centre in Banilad (just across the street from Country Mall and next door to UC-Banilad) between 11am-7pm on weekdays and 9am-7pm on Saturdays.  You may also contact a member of our front desk team during those hours at (032)410-7580 or (0925)567-6565.