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  • Brown Academy of Music will begin offering online music classes on September 1 !  We have been waiting every government announcement and Executive Order and also keeping the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff as our upmost priority.  As of now, a majority of our students are still not allowed out in public due to the Executive Order in Cebu City not allowing anyone under 21 outside.  While we are sure we could provide a healthy and safe environment, it is difficult to ensure the health and safety of students with the amount of mild and asymptomatic cases.  Just one person getting infecting inside BAM would be too many.  As a result, we have decided to shift to online classes online for the time being.

    For those students who were enrolled in the January to April batch and have lessons remaining on their account, they will be able to use those for our online classes.  All lessons and payments have been tracked closely.

    We have received a few messages regarding the gig fee that was paid for the cancelled April show.  Some of the budget items had already been paid (payments to teachers for rehearsals and recordings, etc.).  Deposits were also paid to vendors for the show (lights, sound, LED wall, live video and video recording services, etc.) and we are working closely with all vendors to try and get as much money back as possible so that we can issue a partial refund to those students who had paid.  There will also be an option to roll the partial refund over to paying for future lessons.  More information will be available in the future.  But don’t worry, all payments have been meticulously tracked and credited for each student.

    As BAM shifts to online lessons, it will require a change in procedures as we will not have the front desk team available for in-person enrollment, scheduling of classes, communication, lesson fee payments, and tracking of lessons.  Online tools are being finalized, including payment options via GCash, PayMaya, or PayPal.

    It is our goal to begin with the online classes on September 1.  The same high teaching standards you have come to know from the faculty at Brown Academy of Music will continue, but from the convenience and safety of your own home.  This also means that those students who might have moved or were not able to continue with classes due to transportation and location concerns will be able to take their classes once again.  Since posting an update about online classes through our Facebook page, we have already received inquiries from 3 different countries!

    For the near future, the school’s landline number continues to be unmanned as the school remains closed.  The phone number for BAM will only be (0926)567-6565.  You may also message the BAM Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bamcebu , or email adam@bamcebu.com .


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